Lake Mitchell Improvement Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Mitchell Improvement Board Meeting Minutes -- April 20, 2024


A. Call to order  10:00

B. Roll Call: Present Mike Solomon, Marty Williams, Ron Klimp, Kathy Adams, Dave Foley.   Absent Shari Spoelman 

C. Additions/Deletions to agenda

D. Approval of Agenda: Unanimous

E.  Approval of November 3, 2024  minutes: Unanimous

F. Public Comments:

G. Agenda items:

1. Treasurer's report: Ron Klimp

Balance as of 4/5/24 - $55,747. 

2. Klimp completion of 4-year Riparian team

3. Select new riparian member -

Motion: Dave Foley made a motion seconded by Kathy Adams to appoint John Deterding to serve on the Lake Mitchell Improvement Board (LMIB) as the Riparian  member. Unanimous approval.

4. Election of officers – The following were nominated and elected as officers of the LMIB – Mike Solomon, chairman; Shari Spoelman as vice chairman, John Deterding as treasurer; and Dave Foley as secretary.

5. Establish assessment for 2024

Motion by Dave Foley, seconded by Marty Williams to set the assessment at $250 for lakefront assessment. Motion passed unanimously.

6. Weed Pickup contract – Approved for this year. Begins May 1.

7. Approve proposed budget for 2024 – Williams

Marty Williams of the finance committee proposed that the 2024 budget approval be postponed until June meeting to examine new data and get input from new treasurer.   

8. Discus amount of fund balance

A fund balance goal of $250,000 was proposed, based on  1 ½ to 2 times the years with the most expenses. Motion made by Marty Williams and seconded by Kathy Adams to establish this fund balance  received unanimous support.  

9. Discuss and recommend length of assessment period. 

Motion to make the assessment period 5 years was made by Dave Foley and seconded by Kathy Adams. All voted “yes” except Mike Solomon voted “no”. The rationale for the length of the assessment period was to minimize the frequency of  public hearings saving cost on the required first class mailings and the placement of public hearing information in the local paper.

10.  Discuss and recommend the maximum amount of the assessment.

Motion by Marty Williams and seconded by Dave Foley to set maximum assessment at $450 passed unanimously  

11.  Use of an attorney

Motion by Mike Solomon to hire Crystal Morgan as LMIB attorney to prepare paperwork and resolutions for the public hearing at an estimated cost of $1500. Motion passed unanimously

12.  Consultant report  - Jennifer Jones, CEO of Restorative Lake Sciences reported that the weed survey was scheduled to take place on May 17.

H. Correspondence – none

I.  Public Comments

1.Sandy Harrison  asked about how LMIB keeps people informed. Information is passed via LMIB email list and updates to website.

2.  To keep out invasive species, lakes sometimes use boat washing stations. Jackie Erway felt the cost would be prohibitive to establish these on Lake Mitchell.  She also hoped that annual $250 assessment would be sufficient and felt that the maximum of $450 might be too high.

3. Dave Kuyer  who has a member of the finance committee, and a member Lake Mitchell Sewer Board felt assessment level was okay if it enabled Board to accomplish its weed control mission.

4. Gary Huyge was concerned about new invasive species getting into Lake Mitchell. Jennifer explained that there is a new law making it illegal to transport invasive species.

Marty Williams added that we should contact our legislators and recommended that they become active in funding the invasive species control efforts.

5. Dave Stinger feels state needs to reminded that they need to patrol boat launches to minimize spread of invasive species.

6. Stinger also asked why concentration of chemicals is been increased over years and Jennifer told him it was because EWM is producing hybrid plants which are more resistant to chemicals that is why less 2-4-D is being used and more Procella.    

7. LeAnne Droski encouraged the LMIB to consider joining the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association (MLSA). The status of LMIB's membership will be checked to make sure we are members.


Chairman Comments: Mike Solomon noted that a riparian's property value is tied to the condition of the lake. If lake quality is poor, value drops.  


Meeting adjourned: 11:03  - 20 members attended