About the Lake Mitchell Improvement Board


Lake Mitchell Improvement Board (LMIB).

The Lake Mitchell Improvement Board was formed in accordance with Michigan's Inland Lake Improvement in 1993. Under provisions of Public Act 451 of 1994, Part 309 as amended), the lake board includes a Lake Mitchell Association at-large member who is elected for a three-year term, appointed representatives from Selma Township, Cherry Grove Township, the city of Cadillac, a Wexford County Commissioner, and the Wexford County Drain Commissioner. All board representatives are appointed for indefinite terms, except for the Drain Commissioner who is elected in a county election. If a change in representatives is desired, that should be communicated to the group the individual represents.

The Lake Board is empowered to collect special assessments from benefiting properties for approved lake improvements.


Lake Mitchell Improvement Board

The Lake Mitchell Improvement Board is composed of six appointed members who oversee the distribution of the annual budget which comes from assessments paid by those owning lakefront or lake access property.


How to change the membership of the Lake Mitchell Improvement Board -- See Below. 



Lake Mitchell Action Committee

The Lake Mitchell Action Committee was created to do research on problems facing Lake Mitchell and address concerns raised by Lake Mitchell Association members. Formed in August 2006, the committee, chaired by Dave Foley, established goals and pursued these projects:

• Developed plan to have tournaments redistribute bass throughout the lake opposite from the weigh-in site.

• Procured township resolutions asking that use of phosphorus fertilizers within 500 feet of Lake Mitchell shoreline be halted.

• Submitted two $95,000 matching funds grants to Natural Fish and Wildlife/ B.A.S. S. Foundations.

• Developed a resolution which was accepted by Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) and will be presented at MUCC state convention in June and from there will move to consideration by Michigan legislature. The resolution creates a milfoil stamp that would be purchased annually ($10 for residents/ $20 for non-residents) and displayed on all motorized boats. Proceeds to be used for treatment of Eurasian milfoil in Michigan’s inland waters.

• Thoroughly researched other options for dealing with milfoil including Houghton Lake’s use of Sonar, using the rotovator to cut weeds, introduction of weevils.

• Explored alternatives to assessments as source of funds including State Parks, County Commission, millage, hotel tax, townships, legislative support, milfoil stamp, and boater registration increase.

• Developed working relationship with Lake Cadillac Association and Cadillac City Manager to foster cooperation in dealing with common problems facing Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac.

• Did extensive Internet research to learn how other boards deal with problems in their lakes.

Committee members included: Tom James, Jim and Nan Vick, Jack Dudick, Larae Peters, Al Anderson, JoAnn Engels, Jim Kenyon, Alan McColl, Vi Springer, Mike Engels, Bob Miller, and Ron Moelker.

June 13, 2012


LMIB Membership -- How to change the membership of the Lake Mitchell Improvement Board


If you would like to change a township representative, contact the township supervisor and ask them to rescind the appointment.

  • Dave Foley is the Selma Township representative.
  • Alan Anderson is the Cherry Grove Township representative.
  • Shari Spoelman represents the city of Cadillac. To get a new person appointed to ask the Cadillac City Commission to change the appointee.
  • Pam Dahlstrom represents the Wexford County Commission. To get a different representative ask the County Commission to make the change.
  • Mike Solomon is the Drain Commissioner. The election of a new drain commissioner will put a new person on the Board. A successful recall would have the same effect.
  • Sperry Claypool is the representative from the Lake Mitchell Association. By rescinding his appointment and sending a new nominee to the Improvement Board, which will appoint a new Association member.

The composition of the Board is a part of Public Act 451 of the State Constitution which makes provisions for the creation of Lake Improvement Boards and dictates who comprises the board.