Roadside Pickup -- 2023

Roadside pickup takes care of weeds       

The Lake Mitchell Improvement Board will again provide roadside pickup of weeds. The first pickup will occur on May 1 and then first and third weeks of May and then weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day with additional pickups the second and fourth weeks of September. 

Aquatic weeds need to be removed from the lakeshore by property owners and put on the roadside. Do not leave sticks, brush, yard waste or sand.. Only aquatic vegetation will be picked up.   


Free compost available


The weeds picked up along the shore of Lake Mitchell are deposited and composted at Ron Klimp's residence on the south side of Lake Mitchell. (7288 S. 33 ½ Mile Road). You can pick up the compost at no cost, or for a small fee, Ron will load your truck or trailer. The weeds that were once a nuisance in the lake can now be helping enrich your lawn or garden. Contact Ron at 616-295-8686.