Lake Mitchell Property Owners Association



This is the Lake Mitchell Property Owners' Association (LMPOA).

Everyone who owns property on Lake Mitchell or land with deeded access to the lake is a member of the Lake Mitchell Property Owners' Association. The LMPOA makes recommendations to the Lake Mitchell Improvement Board on how it should proceed in want with its aquatic plant control program. The Lake Board is empowered to collect special assessments from benefiting properties for approved lake improvements.


The following information was supplied by the LMPOA:


Mission Statement

The Lake Mitchell Property Owners' Association is dedicated to representing the best interests of lake property owners and the deeded access community. The Association's primary responsibilities include improving, protecting, and preserving the environmental health and use-ability of Lake Mitchell.


Our Vision

Our vision is to communicate policies and practices, to educate and inform members on all issues and actions that affect the quality and use of Lake Mitchell. We represent and protect the overall interest of LMPOA and hope to enhance their ability to maximize enjoyment for our shared resource.


The LMPOA will focus in issues important to our members which include the following:

  • Boat navigation and swimming
  • Safety for our members and lake visitors
  • Lake quality and health
  • Lake levels
  • Propagation and health of fish and wildlife
  • Update members on success of lake management programs like weed control and removal.
  • New lake threats like zebra mussels, hybrid super weeds and algae.
  • Promote residential best practices (how you can help)
  • Respond to issues concerning the good of Association members. 

 Lake Mitchell Association Officers:

  • Thomas Jacobson - President
  • Lois Poag - Vice President