2018 Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2018 -- Lake Mitchell Improvement Board Minutes 


A. Call to order: 12:00

B. Roll Call: Present – Mike Bengelink, Shari Spoelman, Mike Solomon, Marty Williams, Dave Foley. Absent – Tom Jacobson. Also attending – Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones, RLS consultant.

D. Additions/Deletions: None

E. Approval of agenda: Unanimous

F. Approval of December 6, 2017 minutes: Unanimous


G. Agenda items:

1. Treasurer's report:

2. Current Balance $403,035.88. Expenditures for 2017/2018 at this point $29,132. Bulk of expenditures will come in June July from chemical treatments. 

3. Acceptance of Stringer resignation – Dave Stringer the Cherry Grove Township Representative resigned and was replaced by Marty Williams.

4. Election of secretary – Dave Foley was elected to replace Dave Stringer as Board secretary

5. Contact Equalization Office with assessment amount – Board secretary Dave Foley will see to this detail. 

6. Combining Middleditch properties  - The following motion was made: “The Lake Mitchell Improvement Board approves the request to combine Middleditch lots PW1014 to PW 1015 retroactive to 2016.”  The motion passed unanimously. Dave Foley will convey this information to Equalization office.

7. Attendance at MLSA annual meeting – Mike Solomon encouraged Board to attend annual Michigan Lakes and Streams Conference  and put forth this Motion: 'The Lake Mitchell Improvement shall permit and pay tuition for up to 2 members to attend the MLSA annual conference.” The motion received unanimous support.

8. Presentation of lake plan/watershed study – Mike Solomon requested that Restorative Lake Sciences (RLS) develop a plan to update the 1979 watershed plan. Jennifer agreed to this and will be assisted by Jordan Bentley, a specialist in Watershed management .

a. The area to be studied includes the Lake Mitchell watershed with special attention to the three tributaries to the lake and lakefront properties. The goal is make a plan that is adaptive and present it to the Board in May 2019. The budget for this project is $10,580. The payment will 50% up front and the balance upon completion of the project. Mike Bengelink made a motion that was seconded by Dave Foley. Motion: “The LMIB agrees to support and fund the Watershed Management Plan and budget as proposed by RLS.” Mike Solomon abstained from voting due a conflict of interest. The rest of the Board supported the motion.   

8. Consultant's Report:  Jennifer said due to the late spring Survey of the coves will begin the last week of May or 1st week of June. Main lake survey will follow in early to mid-June. Treatment will follow a few days after the survey. Surveys could come earlier if weather warms quickly.

After using Sculpin for several years to treat milfoil, Navigate will be used this year. This is being done to minimize the chance of milfoil developing a tolerance for  a specific chemical. Using the same chemical year after year can result in the plant developing a tolerance for a specific treatment. 

A new Sepro treatment, Procellacor is now available. This treatment is more specific to milfoil and requires less chemical and is effective for a longer time. RLS will study the results of treatments on other lakes this year and may recommend a change in chemicals in a future year.

The Torenta Canal will be harvested this year.


H. Correspondence

1. Dave Foley reported on a letter from Ron Zyrowski with concerns about excessive weeds making navigation impossible near his home at the west end of the Torenta Canal (277 W. Lake Drive.) Jennifer said the situation will be evaluated and necessary action taken.


I. No Public Comments were recorded.


Meeting adjourned at 12:45.


Submitted  by 

Dave Foley