LMPOA Survey Results

2013 - by Dave Foley


Summary of LMPOA Survey Results


Lake Mitchell Property Owners' Association (LMPOA) survey results


On November 7 , 2012 the LMPOA sent out a survey to all (602) members.

50 were returned unopened, and 142 responses were received. 


Some of the key findings from the survey included the following:

On a 1-10 scale with 10 meaning the greatest, when asked “How much of a concern are the weeds?” the mean score was 8.6. The question of “How satisfied are you with the effectiveness of the treatment?” with 1 being satisfied and 10 being very concerned the mean score was 6.33. When asked “Are you concerned about what the condition of the lake has on your property values?”, the mean score was 7.8. When asked about paying additional assessment money, 65% would be willing to raise the assessment. The average mean dollar amount of increase was $58.


Answers to survey questions

The survey provided a comment section which was used by many.

These following information should address some commonly asked questions:



The Lake Mitchell Improvement Board has not used harvesting for weed control for several years. Weeds drifting in the lake result from natural die-off, plants killed by chemical treatment, and plants cut by outboard motors.


Zebra mussels

While zebra mussels are a problem in Lake Cadillac they are rarely found in Lake Mitchell. The lake water is softer than Lake Cadillac which may offer habitat less suited to zebra mussels.


Outside funding for Lake Mitchell's weed problem?

With the exception of an three-year grant of $10,000 provided by the United States Forest Service for vegetation control in Big Cove, all funds used by the LMIB come from assessments to LMPOA. Several years ago the LMIB spent several weeks investigating sources of additional funding. Meetings were held with Senator Booher, township officers, State Park officials, and members of the county commission. A proposal was written by Dave Foley that would have increased boater registration fees with proceeds to be used to treat invasive species, however this potential bill never made it to a legislative committee. In addition, grants were written (and rejected). Other than the USFS, all funding options explored proved unsuccessful.


Township boat landings

Townships own the boat landings and are responsible for improving and maintaining them.


Hazardous rocks in Lake Mitchell

If the LMIB were to mark hazardous rocks, it could become liable for mishaps involving the rocks. The current budget expenditures are determined by the Prioritized Goals. Meeting those goals currently consumes LMIB assessment monies.


Weed control Plan for 2013

Information about the weed control plan used in 2012 and plans for 2013 will be found in the Lake Mitchell Annual Report (summarized in this newsletter and found in its entirety on our website).