Lake Mitchell Property Owners Association Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2018 --  Lake Mitchell Property Owners Fall Meeting ( LMPOA)


(34 persons present)

Meeting was opened by Tom Jacobson the LMPOA President.


- Upon opening the meeting Tom officially announced that he and the other board members ( Lois Poag and Joanne Engles) were all resigning from their present positions on the LMPOA board.

- Lois and Joanne gave a brief explanation on the formation of the board, it's pass actions, the start of the LMIB, and the importance of the LMPOA board function.. The entire group thanked them all very much for their service. They hoped that the board would continue and verbally all agreed.

- Tom was also thanked for his willingness to keep the LMPOA board going in the last few years.

- 6 volunteers or nominations were submitted to serve on the board going forward.

- The attendees verbally Approved the election of the following 5 persons to serve on the Lake Mitchell Property Owners Board:

    Dave Stinger-- Coves Area

    Dave Kuyers-- Main Lake

    Jackie Erway-- Main Lake

    Bob Sayles-- Main Lake

    Ron Moelker-- Coves Area

( Contact and background information will be distributed after an organisational meeting is held) 

Floor was opened for input:

- a request was given to read the LMPOA Charter/Mission statement. Tom read the present statement. Discussion was had on the full meaning and it was decided it should be revisited. 

- Comments were given by several members on some of the present issues around the lake that related to the Property Owners and the lake proper as it is today.(weeds- water heights- land usage permits- navigation- DNR- City of Cadillac)

- A comment was given on the present state of the lake as compared to the past an the point was made that things are getting better on the lake.

- A petition was made requesting that any local meetings pertaining to the lake, by any entity, must be attended by Lake Owners if at all possible. 

Further Comments on the LMPOA new boards actions going forward:

- New Board is meeting on Monday Oct 8th to set the scope for the future and review the past actions and involvement. 

        - Board will set the positions and there titles

        - It was agreed that the LMPOA Board will hold public meetings no less than 2 times yearly and as needed in case of special needs.

        - It was requested to make sure that a LMPOA member be in attendance at every LMIB meeting for input and review of actions.  

        - Actions and reports will appear on the Lake Mitchell web sight presently ( Dave Foley) .

        - It is our plan that all property owners provide an email contact for both boards. ( process to be reviewed - have your neighbors send in an e-mail.)

        - The Board will research the greater Lake Property Owners community.

Ron Moelker