Lake Mitchell Improvement Board Meeting Minutes

LMIB Meeting Minutes -- August 19, 2023




B. ROLL CALL:Present:: Ron Klimp, Marty Williams, Dave Foley, Mike Solomon; Absent – Shari Spoelamn, Kathy Adams.



E. APPROVAL OF June 12, 2023 Minutes—Foley - Unanimous



1. Treasurer’s Report -Klimp

Balance as of August 19 - $240, 522

Income $73,388

Expenses $153, 540

Ending balance  $160,370 

                $75,000 was moved from fund balance to purchase a CD.

2. LMPOA meet and greet—Klimp

  About 80 attended an:LMPOA “meet and greet” at Camp Torenta.

3. Consultant Report—Ben Schmerhorn from RLS

    recently spent 2 ½ days surveying Lake Mitchell found 125 acres of Eurasian water milfoil that have appeared since June treatment. This will be treated by Professional Lake Management at a cost of $95,000. In addition several patches of Phragmites have been discovered growing on shoreline near coves. The will be eradicated by treatment in the near future.

      Naiad and thin leaf pond weed have become more abundant this summer but because they are native plants, they cannot be treated unless they are within 100 feet of shore according EGLE rules.

      Dave Foley made a MOTION to allow the spending of up to $100,000 to treat milfoil and phragmites. Ron Klimp seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

4. Other Business



Pam Faunce noted the presence of algae primarily in Big Cove. Ben Schmerhorn said that this was typical of warm waters in summer and that none of it was the toxic blue green algae.

1. Jackie Erway inquired about harvesting. It has not been used in recent years though it could be done if weed growth became thick in coves near docks. The problem with harvesting is that the weeds grow back and it costs $300 an acre. Harvesters are not always available and to harvest in main lake involves lots of transit time. Harvesting native plants may lead to increases in algae growth. 

The summer low lake level has led to several boats getting  damaged by rocks. It was suggested that the rocks be marked       by the LMIB but Mike Solomon pointed out that due to liability issues the LMIB cannot mark rocks and removal of              rocks is not part of  LMIB duties. The LMIB is charged with controlling of aquatic vegetation issues in the lake.  

 Ron Klimp noted that he and Marty Williams have been checking out the possibility of installing aeration systems in coves and canal. They will continue to research this project. 

Mike Solomon pointed that RLS is managing several aeration projects.    





 14 attended the meeting

Lake Mitchell Improvement Board meeting minutes  -- June 12, 2023


A. Call to order: 10 AM

B. Roll Call : Present – Mike Solomon, , Kathy Adams, Ron Klimp, Dave Foley, Shari Spoelman; Absent Marty Williams

C. Additions/deletions to agenda: None

D. Approval of Agenda: Unanimous

E. Approval of April 22, 2023 minutes: Unanimous

F. Public Comments: None

G. Agenda items


1. Treasurer's report Ron Klimp:

3rd quarter balance as of 3/31/23 - $192,643  

Projected year end balance - $139,763

2. Investments

 MOTION by Shari Spoelman, second by Kathy Adams: Allow Investment committee to move $75,000 to interest bearing account for up to a year. Role call vote. All favor motion except Mike Solomon who voted “no”. 

3. Ramp reinvestment: A ramp built in North Franke for weed hauling vehicles/boats was damaged this winter and repaired at a cost of just under $900. MOTION by Spoelman; second by Adams for LMIB funds to cover a reimbursement for ramp work not to exceed $900. Unanimous support.

4. Weed Pickup -  The program is working well.

5. Canal dredging – The Canal at the Lake Mitchell end will be dredged during the last week of June.

6. Consultant's Report – Ben Schemerhorn of RLS reported that 59.5 acres of milfoil was treated - slightly less than in recent years.  In addition 13 acres of curly leaf pond weed was treated in Little Cove as well as nuisance native and milfoil in Franke Coves and Big Cove. 

7. Other Business – None

H. Public comments -

Jim Carpenter asked if the LMIB had considered using bubblers to deal with algae buildup in coves. Carpenter provided research he had done on cost and effectiveness of bubblers. He asked if LMIB would consider this for a trial in North Franke Cove. The LMIB, some years ago, priced out an aeration system known as Laminar Flow. RLS is consultant to  the state to oversee effectiveness of aeration systems. If a system is desired, it must get a permit through EGLE and go through a multi-year monitoring program.

Schemerhorn discussed aeration systems  in several lakes and the use of muck pellets that consume algae. Large amounts of leaf litter on bottom can make it more difficult to control muck/algae. Muck pellets consume about 3-5 inches of muck a year.  

Best results come from using a combination of muck pellets and aeration. The LMIB will pay up to 10% of a requested project that deals with a specific part of the lake.    

         A  committee made up several property owners and Ron Klimp will explore aeration/ muck pellets as a solution for algae/muck problems in Lake Mitchell.

      Dave Stinger noted that the Sewer Authority and the LMIB have significant fund balances  and are still levying monthly charges and assessments. The LMIB is hoping the current assessment will gradually lower fund balance. They do keep a good amount on hand in case there is a large influx of milfoil to be treated one year.  

Ron Moelker commented on treatment of native plants and the need to treat them when they inhabit boat navigation. The DNR has rules dictating how close to

shore weeds can treated.

Jim Carpenter asked about why meetings take place on weekdays. Two of the four meetings held each year occur on Saturday. Weekday meetings may be eliminated in future years or moved to weekday evenings.

Another question asked about the terms of LMIB members. This issue will be addressed in annual newsletter.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:17. 

7 attended

Minutes submitted by Dave Foley

Lake Mitchell Improvement Board meeting minutes  --  April 22, 2023


A. Call to order: 10 AM

B. Roll Call : Present – Mike Solomon, Marty Williams, Kathy Adams, Ron Klimp, Dave Foley. Absent: Shari Spoelman

C. Additions/deletions to agenda: None

D. Approval of Agenda: Unanimous

E. Approval of August 22, 2023 minutes: Unanimous

F. Public Comments: None

G. Agenda items

1. Treasurer's report Ron Klimp:

             Balance as of 7/22/22 $214,167     

    Balance as of 4/23/23  is $192,643

2. The annual assessment which was approved at August 20,2022  meeting will be $50 for back lots, $100 for lakefront lots, and $200 for commercial businesses.

3. Ron Klimp will convey info to Equalization office regarding assessment.

4. Dave Foley noted that the Roadside pick up program will begin in the first 2 weeks of May. More details about program are on website. Residents are reminded that only aquatic vegetation will be picked up. Yard  waste and sand will be left at the roadside.

5. Consultant's report from Restorative Lake Science's CEO Dr. Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones: The survey of Lake Mitchell vegetation will occur, depending on when growing season arrives, in mid to late May. Ben Schemerhorn will be the northern lakes district supervisor and will likely be working with Lake Mitchell.

6. Other Business

The LMIB may buy CDs earning 4% using some of the Board's fund balance. Marty and Ron will look into CD purchases using a suggestion of $60,000.   


Public Comments:

Hugh Hufnagel – inquired if assessments were being paid by government entities such as townships, DNR, Forest service ETC. Solomon responded that State Park paid  annually, townships did at times.

Dave Stinger pointed out that fund balance goal was to drop to $150,000. Currently it is $192,643. LMIB should consider lowering assessment rather than buying CDs. Solomon noted that it is dropping each year and expenses have exceeded revenue for last 6 years. If fund balance starts to climb, lowering assessment would be considered.  

Jim Wright asked if lilypads were eligible for roadside pick up. The plants would be but the woody stems/roots would not.  


Meeting was adjourned at 10:35

13 attended

Next Meeting - June 12, 2023