Lake Mitchell Improvement Board Meeting Minutes

 Lake Mitchell Improvement Board meeting    June 22, 2020


A. Call to Order: 10:02

B. Roll Call: Present: Marty Williams, Mike Solomon, Mike Bengelink, Ron Klimp, Dave Foley; Absent: Shari Spoelman. Also attending – Jennifer Jones -Jermalowicz, CEO of Restorative Lake Sciences (RLS)   

C. Additions/Deletions: G.2/ G3 proposed additions – Approved Unanimously.

D. Approval of Agenda: Unanimous approval

E. Approval of October 26, 2019 and May 17, 2019 minutes: Unanimous approval

F. Public Comments: None

G. Agenda

1. Treasurer's Report (Marty Williams)

    Current Balance is $225,126.55

    Estimated balance - June 30 payment of PLM bills $145,650

Expenses will exceed revenue as anticipated by lowering assessment for 2020.

         2. Request for  payment to Cherry Grove for Services – Cherry Grove township which handles all of LMIB fiduciary responsibilities requested payment for services rendered.  

3. Payment to Cherry Grove for Services -After negotiation between the LMIB and township, it was agreed to pay annually $1250 to township. 

4. LMIB Budget

a. Treasurer Marty Williams presented a budget of $104,125 for the 2020-2021 years. A motion was made by Mike Bengelink and seconded by Ron Klimp to approve this budget. The motion received unanimous support by the Board.   

4.  Consultant's Report (Jennifer Jermalowicz Jones) 

     Due to COVID shutdown, RLS couldn't start work until Mid-May. Lake Mitchell was surveyed on June 2nd and 3rd and 28 acres were treated on June 9 for milfoil and some nuisance weeds in coves. Big Cove had substantially less milfoil after having been treated last year with Procella. In the first days of July, RLS will evaluate their treatment and retreat or do a first treatment where Eurasian watermilfoil or nuisance native weeds are found. It is likely that the Torenta Canal may have algae harvested.   

H. Public Comments:

Jackie Erway and Dave Stringer asked about the dam and lake levels. Solomon noted that dam has been closed for  more than a week. Some information was exchanged about court ordered lake levels and the opening that is never closed on the dam.   

Dave Stinger questioned the budget item for $13,000 when roadside pickup was contracted for $8000 by Paul McDonald. Some of the other money is paid to Ron Klimp for storage of weeds on his land and will be used when algae is harvested in Torenta Canal. The rest is held in reserve for unexpected expenses.

I.  Correspondence: None

J. President's comments: 

Solomon will form a committee along with Shari and Marty to determine the assessment for 2021.

Solomon was concerned that LMPOA approached City Commission to appoint a different member to the Board now that Shari Spoelman is no longer on the Commission. He felt she had excellent qualifications to deal with environmental issues relating to lakes and had taken a course on Lake Management. Her work as director of local MSU extension also enhanced her contribution to LMIB. Dave Foley also spoke in support.     

K. Adjournment: 10:52