2019 Meeting Minutes -- Lake Mitchell Improvement Board

Lake Mitchell Improvement Board meeting minutes -- April 27, 2019


A. Call to Order: 1:00 P.M.

B. Roll call: Present; Dave Foley, Marty Williams, Shari Spoelman, Tom Jacobson, Mike Solomon, and RLS consultant Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones. Absent: Mike Bengelink 

C. Election of Officers: Nomination of Mike Solomon for president by Spoelman, 2nd by Williams. Elected by unanimous vote.

Nomination of Shari Spoelman for vice-president by Foley, 2nd by Jacobson. Elected by unanimous vote.

Nomination of Tom Jacobson for treasurer by Foley, 2nd by Spoelman. Elected by unanimous vote. 

Nomination of Dave Foley for secretary by Spoelman, 2nd by Jacobson. Elected by unanimous vote.  

D. Additions/Deletions: add “7.” Report of 4/27 LMPOA meeting.

E. Approval of agenda – Motion to approve by Foley, 2nd by Spoelman. Unanimous approval. 

F. Approval of October 29 minutes. Spoelman requested minutes be amended to show that “a special committee of Foley, Spoelman, and Solomon would meet to find a way LMIB and LMPOA could decide sharing of website”. Motion made by Spoelman and 2nd by Solomon. Change was approved unanimously.

G. Public Comments:

Jean Wright commended LMIB for producing a quality website.

Ron Klimp wondered why Dr. Jones conducted election of president of LMIB. He was told that boards often do this to avoid conflict of interest in choosing a president. 

H. Agenda items:

1. Treasurer's report (Tom Jacobson)

   So far tax bills have added revenue of $33,000 and expenditures amount to $20,000.

In 2019-20 budget only changes are raising line item “notices” under printing and publishing to allow for increased expense of  postal mailings of public hearing. Goes from$300 to $1000.

   Under Professional services “Consultant/administration goes from$21,250 down to $16,000. The additional money was for the watershed study.   

   Jacobson projected the following for the Lake Mitchell Improvement Board fund:

$300,000 Estimated balance at end of fiscal year 2018/2019.

$35,400 anticipated revenue

$189,750 anticipated expenditures

$145,650 estimated balance June 30, 2020.

A motion was made by Foley and 2nd by Spoelman to accept Jacobson's report and budget assessment for 2019.   Motion [passed unanimously.

2. A motion was made to accept Jacobson's recommendation that we stay at current assessment of $50 for lakefront lot, $25 for deeded access, and$100 for commercial frontage. Motion was passed unanimously.       3. Marty Williams and Dave Foley, after viewing three bids for roadside pickup contractor, selected Paul McDonald's bid of $8000. McDonald also provided proof of liability insurance.  Motion was made by Foley and seconded by Spoelman to hire McDonald for 2019 season.

4.  A sub-committee of Solomon, Spoelman, and Foley recommended LMIB maintain their website and provide a link to LMPOA website when it is established. Both groups will share use of email list.  

5.  A motion was made by Mike Solomon and seconded by Spoelman to have a public hearing and LMIB meeting on Saturday October 26 at 10AM . The October 21st meeting will be canceled.

6. Consultant's report; (Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones)

The canal and coves are scheduled to be surveyed on May 21st. The main lake will be surveyed on May 30 and June 6. 

    Dr. Jones then presented a power point showing the results of Restorative  Lake Sciences' study of the Lake Mitchell watershed. This report (complete with photos) is on our website (lakemitchell.org).

7. Lake Mitchel Property Owners Association (LMPOA) summary of April 27 meeting (Mike Solomon). The lake residents' survey was discussed and the LMPOA may ask members to pay annual $50 dues.

Correspondence – none

 J.  Public Comments:

Jay Puvogel asked that, as long as center number on fertilizer was “0” was it okay to use fertilizer. Jones pointed out that fertilizer also had nitrogen which promotes aquatic weed growth. Spoelman, who works with Michigan State Extension, said  a soil sample analyzed by MSU ext. will give a good indication of whether fertilizer is needed.

Dave Stringer feels that since all property owners pay an assessment, some of the money should be available to LMPOA. Spoelman said that legal  restraints dictate that LMIB must use money for its mission of aquatic weed control. 

Jay Puvogel asked that weed pickup begin on Tuesdays (rather than Mondays) since Monday is often the day lakeshore residents rake weeds off their beach.

Jay Puvogel raised concerns about day and weekly rentals as these renters often cause problems.

Jim Wright asked if we were flexible on weed spraying. Solomon pointed that milfoil is priority and done first, but nuisance weeds treatment will follow . Where treatment fails, those areas will be retreated.  When LMIB is made aware of problem they will check it out.

Dave Kuyers  asked if LMIB has a targeted  balance. Solomon responded that Board would like to keep 90,000 to100,000 on hand to handle emergencies such as occurred with sudden hybrid milfoil emergence 4 years ago. The question of target balance will be addressed in near future.

K. Board comments 

Shari Spoelman encouraged looking at Michigan Shoreline Partnership which has classes to help with lake shore ecology. She also took  a six-session online

class “introduction to lakes.” If interested in the classes or online course, contact Shari at MSU Extension. She also reminded everyone about the Earth Day celebration in the City Park on April 28th. 

Marty Williams  invited all to participate in Clam River cleanup Saturday May 11 meeting at Sound Garden and working from 8:30-4. 

Dr,. Jones mentioned that MLSA (Michigan Lake Stewards Association) was having their annual conference at Crystal Mountain  May 3-4.


Meeting adjourned at  2:38